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Enjoy healthy, drop-off dinners on any evening! To ensure availability, please pre-order your menu by 3pm the day before. We charge $20.00 for delivery. Dinners require reheating.

Alternatively, you may choose to order your meal and pick it up from our kitchen at Fairways Bar and Grill at Provo Golf Club. Let us know when you�d like to pick up your meal and we�ll have your dinner packaged and ready to go. All menus are based on servings for 2 persons.

SALADS(Servings for 2 persons)

Caesar salad $12.50
Spinach salad $15.00
Greek salad $15.00
Caprese salad $15.00
Mixed Leaf Garden salad $12.50
Mediterranean Cous Cous salad $12.50
Curried Chickpea salad $12.50
Plate of crudités & hummus dip $15.00

MAINS(Servings for 2 persons)

Roast Beef served with gravy, garlic mash and roasted veggies $38.00
Steak and Mushroom Pie served with veggies $28.00
Chicken Pot Pie served with mixed green salad $28.00
Chicken and Broccoli Casserole served with jasmine and wild rice $28.00
Chicken Parmesan served on linguini with rustic tomato sauce $28.00
Lemon Herb Chicken Breast served with green beans and baby potatoes $28.00
Creamy Chicken Masala with jasmine rice, poppadoms and mango chutney $28.00
Mustard roasted Snapper served with green beans and baby potatoes $32.00
Garlic Shrimp Alfredo served on a bed of fettuccine with garlic toast $28.00
Vegetarian Lasagne served with cheese bread $24.00
Pasta Primavera served with garlic bread $24.00

DESSERTS(Servings for 2 persons)

Our Famous Rum Cake $8.00
Apple Strudel $9.50
Assorted Squares $8.00
Chocolate-dipped Strawberries $9.50
Fruit Salad $9.50
Fruit Kabobs $9.50

SIDES(Servings for 1 person)

Chicken Fingers $8.50 Cheese Bread $4.50
Fish Fingers $8.50 Garlic Bread $4.50
Macaroni Cheese $8.50 Seasoned Potato Wedges $9.50
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